DAT-Schaub A/S

With a history dated back to 1893 DAT-Schaub A/S is a world leader in the production and sale of hog casings.

The company produces a wide range of specialised casings; hog casings used for Frankfurter sausages, chitterlings primarily used for dried salamis, fat ends and hog stomachs. The company has a substantial export to the other EU countries but also North America and other parts of the world are significant markets for the company.

The company is sourcing the Danish and other European countries with natural and artificial casings. Furthermore the company has development and sales of casing department machinery.


DAT-Schaub (Porto) S. A.

The DAT-Schaub Group acquired the factory in Porto 1 January 1991. Since then the factory has been renovated and extended, and today it meets the highest international veterinarian standards.

The company holds several international certifications and conducts its own sale through the subsidiary DAT-Schaub USA Inc. The factory selects hog casings produced by DAT-Schaub A/S.

The company has a further factory in Alandroal producing, among other things, chitterlings and fat ends for DAT-Schaub France S.A.S.


DAT-Schaub France S.A.S.

DAT-Schaub France S.A.S. operates under the industrial brand name, Soussana.

The company has more than 6,000 customers ranging from the largest industrial customers to the smallest delicatessen producers in France. The company originates from two companies - Soussana was established in 1919 and acquired by the DAT-Schaub Group in 1997 and Boyauderie du Poitou was acquired in 1999. The two companies merged in 2008 forming the strongest company of its kind in France.

In 2014 the companys ingredients production moved to build new facilities in Moreuil.


DIF Organveredlung Gerhard Küpers GmbH & Co KG

DIF Organveredlung Gerhard Küpers GmbH & Co. KG, taken over by the DAT-Schaub Group in August 2004, has a leading position in the production and supply of natural hog casings in Germany.

The company headquartered in Lower Saxony processes more than 11 million sets of hog casings from a variety of German slaughterhouses. In 1974 the company established a plant processing mucosa to raw heparin in collaboration with world leading pharmacutical company Sanofi Aventis.


DCW Casing LLC

Formerly known as Casing Associates LLC, DCW Casing LLC was established in 2008 and commenced operation after taking over the activities from Casing Associates Inc., a company owned and run by Philip and Donald Schwartz.

The main activity of the company has always been trade in natural casings with special emphasis on hog casings but also sheep and beef casings have been and are an essential part of the product range. In recent years the company also sells artificial casings.

As of October 1, 2012 the company merged with US largest casing company Wolfson Casing Corp. and the new company is run by the former management of both Casing Associates and Wolfson Casings.


DAT-Schaub AB

The company was established in 1998 as an artificial casing company selling artificial casings in the Swedish market but also selling Danish hog casings.

In January 2002 the company acquired the casing processing and trading activities from HK Scan and is now processing all the hog casings in HK Scan and Danish Crown owned KLS Ugglarps slaughterhouses in Sweden. The company also supplies a variety of natural and artificial casings to the Swedish food industry. 


DAT-Schaub Finland Oy

Finland is one of the countries in the world with the highest consumption of sausages per capita and it was, therefore, natural for DAT-Schaub to set up in the Finnish market in the 1980’ties.

In 2002 DAT-Schaub acquired Lihan Vienti and in September 2006 became a majority shareholder in Thomeko Oy representing among other products the best artificial casings in the market. Today the company has built a strong position within natural and artificial casings, ingredients and machinery. Furthermore, the company has a subsidiary in Estonia marketing the same product range but also confectioning artificial casings for the Group and external customers.


DAT-Schaub Polska Sp. z o.o.

In December 2005 DAT-Schaub acquired the Polish casing company Aikon established in July 2001.

Since then the company name has been changed to DAT-Schaub Polska Sp. z o.o.  and the company now operates casing departments in several Polish slaughterhouses. Furthermore, the company has established a domestic trading organisation supplying primarily natural and artificial casings to the Polish food industry. The product range is continuously widening.


DAT-Schaub (UK) Ltd.

In April 2006 DAT-Schaub established a subsidiary in UK processing hog casings at two of Tulip Ltd.'s slaughterhouses.

The company now produces high quality hog casings from several UK slaughterhouses and is able to supply the market with hog casings cleaned and selected by own employees.

In 2011 the company aquired 50% of TruNet Packing Services Ltd. who supply the UK and Ireland market with natural and artificial casings plus other butcher supply products.


Oriental Sino Limited

The DAT-Schaub Group has since 1999 participated in a Chinese natural casing production facility. The company has head office in Hong Kong and runs various production facilities in Yancheng in Mainland China. The company selects and tubes both hog and sheep casings for the DAT-Schaub Group and other customers and has more than 1,400 employees.
Furthermore, the company has a plastic factory producing a wide range of plastic components to the food industry.